Fuck Yes, Chairlift!

Chairlift is an absolutely amazing synthpop band. This is a Tumblr dedicated to celebrating them and their members Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly. Brought to you by the forever-Chairlifted Wednesday.

If you ordered a physical copy (either CD or LP) of Arcadia, check your email. A digital download link should be there!

do you think someone will leak it or upload arcadia or something?

First things first: I know that’s it’s not possible for some people for a variety of reasons, but please support Caroline in a tangible financial way and buy Arcadia legally when it’s released if you are able to do so.

That being said, I’d say that a leak probably won’t happen at this point because depending on where you are, the album is being released either tomorrow or Tuesday (and in some areas, it has already been released because it’s already April 14 in those areas). And yeah, someone will probably upload the album to a torrent site or YouTube or something at some point or another once it’s released. 

Arcadia available to purchase on British iTunes

UK Chairlift/Caroline fans, take note!

I would also assume that the album is available for download anywhere else where it’s past midnight on April 14.

Sadly, the album is not yet available for purchase on Canadian (and presumably US) iTunes yet, and probably won’t be until midnight on April 15.

Thanks for the tip, anon!

Hey everyone!

I apologize for not updating the blog lately and I apologize in advance for what might be some pretty sparse updating in the next little while. I broke my elbow a couple weeks ago and have spent a lot of time since then going to and from the hospital for doctors’ appointments, x-rays, etc. I’m still waiting to find out whether or not I’ll need surgery. Also, my final exams and assignments are quickly approaching, so I’m going to be busy with those as well. 

All that being said, submissions are (and have always been) open, so feel free to submit any Chairlift related things I miss. My ask is also open and I will be trying to respond to messages as soon as possible. And if you want follow my elbow and academic-related adventures more closely, you are all welcome at my personal Tumblr

Cheers for now, and I hope to be back to regularly updating soon.

- Wednesday